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More than 500,000 Americans have some kind of spinal issue. Spinal issues often lead to other extreme problems that might prevent you from moving. Additionally, a quick visit to Georgetown spinal stenosis specialists at Republic Spine and Pain can help you avoid the disease’s adverse effects. Have yourself checked today to return to those comfortable, painless days with state-of-the-art treatments from Republic Spine and Pain.

What is the reason for spinal stenosis?

Spinal stenosis is an issue that causes the narrowing of the spinal canal. Further, the condition often affects the lower back region, making you unable to accomplish some activities considered normal. Symptoms of the condition arise mostly due to the strain on nerves and spinal cords. As you age, your chances of the issue increases. Spinal stenosis also increases due to other associated issues that include:

  •         Spinal tumors
  •         Spondyloarthritis
  •         Bone spurs in the spine region
  •         Childhood abnormal spinal canal
  •         Spine injuries

In addition to that, women have a higher chance of getting spinal stenosis due to their increased susceptibility to bone loss.

How do you know you have Spinal Stenosis?

The exact cause of the issue is still under research. You may have extreme pain while another person experiences little to no pain. You will also notice that your condition worsens over time if you fail to see a doctor sooner.

One of the condition’s major symptoms is the increased pressure on the nerves that sparks a radiating pain in arms or feet. Further, spinal stenosis can influence your grasp, making you partially dependent on family members. The major symptoms of spinal stenosis include:

  •         Sexual dysfunction issues
  •         Difficulties moving your legs
  •         Neck pains
  •         Losing bladder functions
  •         Extreme pain in your legs

Republic Spine and Pain is a certified place that will ensure you have the right remedy to treat your legs. The center offers immediate diagnosis with your doctor offering quick examinations and determining the cause of your pain. You will need an x-ray, CT, or sometimes an MRI scan to determine your problem’s extent.

Treatment of Spinal Stenosis

Republic Spine and Pain offers various treatments to remedy spinal stenosis before it advances. Minimally invasive procedures exist to prevent other complications associated with surgeries. Your doctor will place small devices in your vertebrae region to reduce compression. Implants such as Superion will help reduce pressure on the nerves and any other connective tissues. Such placements are essential in aiding you with normal movements that align with your unique needs. Other recommendations to help remedy your situation may include:

  •         Bracing
  •         Physical therapy
  •         Muscle relaxing medicines
  •         Injections such as corticosteroids
  •         Anti-inflammatory drugs

Sadly, no cure currently exists for spinal stenosis. However, Republic Spine and Pain have the perfect solutions to aid you in improving. The most critical part is the prevention of progression; something your doctor will help you achieve.

Destroy the pain and the disabling symptoms of spinal stenosis with minimally invasive procedures. Call the facility or make a booking online to get the best remedy for your situation.







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