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Different medical approaches can be employed to help you with your painful condition. But the pain may persist or recur after a certain period. But with an interventional pain specialist in Eugene, OR, you can achieve optimal results for your acute or chronic complication. The treatment focuses not only on the symptoms but also gets to the root of your issue hence the effectiveness. The interventional pain management approach combines different treatments to address the root cause of your painful condition. You may consider this approach for various reasons as outlined below.

No Conservative Treatment Works for You

Many health practitioners will first attempt conservative measures to manage your painful condition. However, if your pain persists despite the measures, it is time to consider other options. Interventional pain management will help you dig more into the cause of your condition to help you effectively deal with it. A pain management specialist is highly trained in managing acute and chronic pain and will surely help you find relief. The approach taken brings together several treatment options, both innovative and minimally invasive treatments, to not only provide relief but offer a long-lasting solution to your problem.

You Cannot Tell the Reason for Your Pain

It is easier to deal with a condition if you understand why it is occurring. However, sometimes you might experience pain, but you cannot pinpoint the cause. It is then that you need to seek interventional pain management for an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Some of the approaches taken in interventional pain management can help your provider get to the root of your condition and understand how to deal with the condition better.

You Are Not Ready for Surgery

If your pain is persistent for a long time, surgery can be an option to offer a long-lasting solution. However, you might want to try interventional pain management first to try and avoid surgery as much as possible. Remember that you should only go for surgery when necessary and mainly after exhausting all other nonsurgical treatments. Consulting your interventional pain specialist will help you understand if you can benefit from injections and other pain blocking procedures as alternatives to surgery.

Your Pain Persists Past Surgery

Surgery can be necessary to relieve your pain at some point, as mentioned earlier. However, you can still experience pain even after the procedure. This means you will need further treatments past the surgery to get relief and lead a quality life. An interventional pain management approach can be employed to help your body function better and recover. You might be subjected to physical therapy or begin at-home exercises. In such situations, you might need several health care providers to work in hand to ensure the best results for you.

To Explore the Benefits

Interventional pain management comes with awesome benefits, which are widely known. It can help you manage your pain at the source, avoid or minimize opioid use (which can be addictive), and get quick pain relief. Additionally, interventional pain management offers a long-lasting solution compared to conservative measures to manage pain. Also, most of the procedures involved in the approach are safe with few side effects.

Reach out to your pain management specialist at Pacific Sports and Spine and learn how you can manage your pain, whether acute or chronic. You might benefit from an interventional pain management approach depending on your unique needs. Painless life is possible. 

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