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Cancer is a word you never wish to hear due to the pain and suffering caused by the disease. From debilitating pain to unbearable treatments, the issue can be draining and cause despair. Having cancer is a life battle that often involves strenuous treatment regimens, scary machines, lifestyle changes, and uncertainty regarding your prognosis. If you are battling cancer in Santa Monica, there is the hope of seeing better days ahead free from pain and suffering when you visit GreenBridge Medical. Cannabis is a revolutionary treatment they may introduce that will help you manage the adverse side effects of cancer.

Common Forms Of Cancer

Cancer is an issue that arises from your cells. The body has many cells that make sure it functions properly. However, in some instances, abnormal cells start to grow at a certain point in your body and spread aggressively to other regions. Cancer cells also function abnormally and sometimes grow at a faster rate than normal ones. Additionally, they can move to other body parts to further increase your agony.

A point for consideration is that not all cancer cells lead to death, though it is advisable to address any form of cancer. Cancers destroy by invading and attacking the most critical points of your body. This becomes disabling and can lead to death.

Cancers get their names from the body part adversely affected. For instance, you have ovarian cancer if cancer cells grow and spread from the ovaries. Additionally, the many forms of cancer have led to various treatments which are designed to deal with the specific cancer one has. GreenBridge Medical deals with localized cancers using surgeries, while extensive cancers require special treatment options your doctor will highlight to you. Chemotherapy and radiation are the primary medical interventions used to treat cancer.

The Major Side Effects Of Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a difficult disease to treat and requires complex methods to remove it from the body. Chemotherapy and radiations are extreme treatments that will often leave you fatigued, ill, and with the feeling of giving up. Additionally, chemotherapy drugs attack the healthy cells and may result in your experiencing other issues in the process, such as bone marrow and hair follicles being unintended victims of this treatment. Major side effects of chemotherapy include:

  • Fatigue
  • Mood changes
  • Weight changes
  • Constipation
  • Feeling in a daze
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Where side effects of cancer treatments vary in different people, you may experience severe to mild cases of the symptoms.

Role Of Medical Cannabis In Cancer Treatment

Cannabis is still a debated topic in its cancer-fighting role. However, with this treatment, you will notice an improvement in your overall health. In addition to cannabis having some anti-cancer properties that will help you cope and manage your cancer, the use of cannabis can also help increase your appetite and reduce vomiting.

Effectively cope with cancer and discover the anti-cancer properties of cannabis with GreenBridge Medical. You will have a reason to continue fighting for what matters most to you and your family. Please call to schedule an appointment with your oncologist.



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