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Your post-workout habits may be sabotaging your ability to become that mass monster for what you train so hard. Simply making a couple of adjustments to the way you prepare your post-workout meal can have a tremendous impact on the ultimate gains you are able to achieve.

The effects of exercise on the body

Physical exercise is good, but you must understand how your body interprets it.

In fact, during your evolution, man has had to be so active every day of his life, just to survive in an inhospitable environment, that physical exercise was more than guaranteed. Hunting, transporting it to the place of its consumption by the other members of the clan, not counting the fact of the flight from predators at the dawn of time were more than enough reasons to develop a great physical activity. In later times man has always had to work hard to ensure his subsistence and to move from one place to another, only very recently do you have enough food, transport vehicles and all kinds of comforts and that is when you have to resort to sport to that your body maintains optimal mobility and cardiorespiratory capacities.

However, physical effort continues to be seen by the body as wear and tear that must be recovered immediately to be able to attack, flee, defend itself or move on.

So after a training session, especially with resistance, all resources are quickly directed to recovering the energy used in order to be able to face the same challenge again. And also a greater amount will accumulate to avoid total exhaustion.

Post workout supplements

Many bodybuilders make the mistake of selecting solid foods like chicken breasts, fish, potatoes, and rice for their post-workout meals. But they don’t notice that most whole solid foods take an average of 3 to 10 hours to fully digest. And this is especially true when it comes to protein, because it must be divided into about 20 different amino acids, with which up to 10,000 different types of proteins and nutrition based products are then re-formed that the body uses to form muscles, bones, organs, hormones, and so on. So, you better consume highly bioavailable proteins that can bypass the digestive system. Therefore, you should eat in the gym itself, but to target you need to resort to Proglycosyn post-workout supplements in liquid form through a shake.

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