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After drastic experiences or in new stages of life, many people want to make their lives mindful.

First of all, the question arises, what is mindfulness and why is it important?

Mindfulness is an ancient knowledge of experience originating in Buddhism. The meditative and contemplative practices can also be included without religious reference in our western everyday life.

The interest in the mindfulness practice has greatly increased in recent years. There are now a number of (neuro) scientific researches that demonstrate the benefits of mindfulness for physical and mental health.

Mindfulness-based interventions are used not only to manage stress, but also to increase well-being. Little attention has been paid to the effects of mindfulness on improving decision-making, empathy and building ethical-moral values.

Mindfulness for me means consciously paying attention to what is happening around me and in me – in body, mind and heart (or soul).

The mindfulness courses has many benefits. I would like to mention 6 of these:

  1. Mindfulness focused

Again and again, unpleasant thoughts from the past are pushing into our minds. Then, in the present, we are unable to make sensible and wise decisions.

If our thoughts are concerned with the future, we think through so many possible future scenarios that will not happen then.

However, allowing ourselves to be completely in the present, we have focused all our energy on one activity.

  1. Mindfulness makes you creative

With mindfulness exercises, we train our minds to focus on what we need them for. We recognize in time when our mind would rather withdraw into fantasies and can lead it back to its task. We are interested in what happens and become curious about what and how we can learn from obstacles.

  1. Mindfulness improves the environment

If we deal too much with the fears of the past, or if the worries of the future dominate us, our thoughts become ever more pessimistic and gray. As Marcus Aurelius says, “the mind takes its color from the thoughts”. Pessimism spreads very quickly within the family, friends, acquaintances, so in our environment.

If we live fully in the present, then we are in a place without fears and worries. We can be creative and courageous and allow for the quiet happiness. These thoughts also affect our environment and have a positive impact on them.

  1. Mindfulness opens the heart

Familiarity and closeness to other people gives us the feeling of being loved, being held in a circle. As we learn to consciously open our senses, within our bodies, minds and hearts, and out to our environment, we also open ourselves to other people.

  1. Mindfulness overcomes fears

Mindfulness also helps us to be present in unpleasant situations and changes. If they no longer frighten us, they lose power over us. The experience makes us strong and over time we get the ability to be happy despite constantly changing conditions.

  1. Mindfulness promotes gratitude for life

When we become aware, we recognize the moments of happiness that life gives us time and time again. It’s the simple gifts, like the warmth of the sun on the skin, the music of raindrops, the next breath, and the inconspicuous flower along the way.

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