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One out of every thirteen Americans has asthma. A fact that makes the condition one of the most chronic breathing disorders across the states. If you have a long history of asthma or are seeking to manage your symptoms, there is no better practice than Morris Plains Live Urgent Care. If you start experiencing asthmatic symptoms like breathlessness and wheezing, you will do well to schedule an appointment for your diagnosis. Walk in for immediate treatment and give your needs the professional attention they deserve.

Symptoms of Asthma

If you have asthma, you may feel you are straining to catch a breath. Breathing deeply might also be challenging. You may experience the following symptoms during an asthma attack:

  •       Coughing
  •       Tightness
  •       Wheezing
  •       Shortness of breath

Asthma is also known for making it hard to experience good sleep owing to coughing fits and breathing difficulties. As a result, you will feel sleepy and tired throughout the day.

Asthma Triggers

Exposure to certain substances and irritants that trigger allergies can escalate the signs and symptoms of asthma. Although different from person to person, asthma triggers include:

  •       Cold air
  •       Physical activity
  •       Air pollutants and irritants such as smoke
  •       Airborne allergens, including mold spores, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, or remains of cockroach waste
  •       Stress and strong emotions
  •       Respiratory infections, such as common cold

Risk Factors

Multiple factors are believed to increase your chances of developing asthma. These factors include:

  •       Being a smoker
  •       Exposure to secondhand smoke
  •       Exposing yourself to occupational triggers like farming chemicals, manufacturing, and hairdressing
  •       Exposing yourself to exhaust fumes or other types of pollution
  •       Having another allergic condition, such as dermatitis, or high fever
  •       Having a relative with asthma, such as a parent or sibling

Diagnosing Asthma

Whether your asthma medication is inefficient or if you develop new asthma symptoms, the Live Urgent Care specialists recommend you undergo an evaluation. The providers apply the latest technologies and examine you as a whole person. Aiming to confirm your diagnosis and to help identify your triggers, your provider may:

  •       Order a chest X-ray
  •       Practice allergy testing, such as skin test and blood test
  •       Conduct a breathing test, like spirometry

Your practitioner uses a stethoscope to listen to your breathing. It would be best to let them know about every symptom you experience, including anything that makes your symptoms better or worse.

How Can I Manage Asthma?

After diagnosis, your Live Urgent Care practitioner counsels you on managing it and prescribes medications customized to your condition. For instance, if you have exercise-induced asthma, they teach you how to minimize your risk of an asthma attack while working or playing sports.

Your customized asthma management plan might also include:

  •       Allergy treatments, including immunotherapy or antihistamines
  •       Oral medication to keep your airways open
  •       Inhaled quick-relief and long-acting medications

Your providers at Live Urgent Care also deliver around-the-clock care and prescription refills to help patients manage asthma more effectively.

Bottom Line

Living with asthma can be difficult. As such, you should look for ways to make your condition more manageable. Book your asthma evaluation with Live Urgent Care experts today and witness symptom relief. Do not hesitate to call the providers or use the online booking feature.

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