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Many people think that it is bad to have flat feet because they cause discomfort and pain. It is surprising to know that most people have flat feet and are walking around without any problem. In this condition, the feet have no curve or arch and they seem flat from the bottom. The entire sole of the foot touches the ground when standing. Many people don’t show any symptoms while others may experience pain and discomfort. Colorado Springs flat feet can be diagnosed and you could be on your way to alleviating the pain. 

Symptoms of flat feet

You may not experience any discomfort. However, there are some noticeable symptoms of flat feet such as pain and stress on the hips and knees. The ankles may turn inward due to the flat feet, which may cause pain in these parts of the body. It has been noticed that both or one foot may feel stressed and even get swollen. The lower legs, back, calves and knees are the most affected areas where a person can feel uneasiness while standing or walking.

Causes of flat feet

It is imperative to know the causes of flat feet and some of them are listed as below:

  • Genetic reasons in which the person has inherited the condition from his or her parents.
  • Ankle or foot injury
  • Weak arches, the arch is visible when the person sits but disappears when he stands on his feet.
  • Muscles or nervous diseases

The exact reason for flat feet can be diagnosed by a pediatrician. People having obesity and diabetes are also likely to develop this condition. Age is also one of the contributing factors and gives rise to this condition. Sometimes, the faulty development of the baby occurs during pregnancy and can be held responsible for flat feet.

Treatment of flat feet

People, who have not developed any symptoms regardless of flat feet, do not need any treatment. However, those who experience pain and discomfort should look for well-fitted shoes. Footwear plays a vital role when it comes to treating flat feet.

Sometimes, a person with this medical condition has to get custom-made shoes that provide cushioning to the feet. It relaxes the feet and reduces pain and discomfort while standing or walking. Your doctor may suggest you avoid strenuous exercises for some time. The stretching exercises can also help you feel comfortable. If your weight is a reason, your doctor may ask you to start dieting.

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