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Eating healthy or healthy eating is on the minds of many people and their families. However, not every healthy dish is as tasty as this delicious and healthy bacon tomato and spinach pizza. You can learn how to make it today to serve to your family tonight if you like. This recipe only takes a few ingredients but it can pack a punch when it comes to great taste as well as being healthy and good to eat.

Pizza is Good No Matter where You Might Eat It

You might like to make this at home for you and your family as it is. You might also consider adapting it to make party appetizer mini pizzas. You can make your own pizza dough recipe to go along with it or you might want to purchase a readymade pizza crust to make this dish. You can always add some more filling ingredients if you like by adding some onions, celery, bell peppers as well as many other different ingredients.

Whether you are preparing this dish at home for family or you are entertaining all your friends during a holiday party or pizza party, you will find that many people will enjoy the homemade pizza recipes that you make and serve.

Recipe for Bacon Tomato and Spinach Pizza

What You Need

1 prepared pizza dough recipe
1 cup Alfredo sauce
1 shredded mozzarella cheese
1 package frozen chopped spinach
2 small thinly sliced tomatoes
4 or 5 slices cooked bacon
How to Make It

Thaw the frozen spinach, squeeze the liquid from it and then chop it up to include on your pizza, set aside until needed.

Cook the bacon using the manner you prefer the best and then cut the cooked bacon into bite size pieces of about an inch in length. Set aside until needed.

Rinse and peel the tomatoes and then slice them thinly to arrange on your pizza, set aside until needed.
Prepare a pizza pan or baking sheet by lightly coating it with cooking spray. Set aside until needed.
Preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Press the pizza dough onto the prepared pizza pan or baking sheet. Form a ridge around the edges by gently pinching up the dough around the rim of the pizza.

Spread the Alfredo sauce evenly over the pizza dough while leaving about a half inch as a border.

Sprinkle on the shredded mozzarella cheese and then top with the chopped spinach, thinly sliced tomatoes and the cut pieces of bacon. Add some more of the shredded cheese evenly over the fillings by sprinkling the cheese.

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