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Do you have used medical equipment sitting in your house taking up space? Has someone in the house recovered from an injury, or is no longer with you and you want to sell the equipment? Would you like to donate the equipment to someone in need of it, or sell it? There’s a new classified ad site that lets you list used medical equipment for sale at no charge. Medical Equipment Forward is a new Classified Ad site for people who have used medical equipment for sale, or are looking to buy pre-owned equipment for home use.Evelyn Grazini who established the site knows what it’s like to have to search for medical equipment for sale when an emergency arises. It can be stressful and put the caregiver in a panic. It happened to her when she suddenly became responsible for taking care of her in-laws. She was stuck having to buy medical equipment and paying high prices for household things like a bath chair, bedside toilet, and so on – things that were immediately needed, but that Medicare or other insurance would not pay for. After her role as a caregiver ended, she found herself with used medical equipment, but had few options on how to dispose of the items and getting some money in return. There was Craigslist, but she felt it would be nice if there was a site that specialized only in used home medical equipment. In that way prospective buyers and sellers would only have one site to navigate through.The site has been set up and is fully operational, and broken down state by state. Since most home medical equipment is awkward and bulky for transport, the items should probably be picked up by a delivery service. The site is also good for people who want to give away their equipment for free to those who are in need of equipment, but don’t have the resources. Unfortunately, items such as commodes and bedpans and other small items, for hygienic reasons, is not something people want to buy second-hand.
There is also a company called MedWOW who buys and sells medical equipment online. The process is quick, easy and free.How to buy on MedWOW • Register, and log into the site• Find an item that you are interested in, using MedWOW’s browsing tool• Click on “Get Seller’s Details” button. Remember that getting the seller’s details is now free of charge.• You will be directed to a request form which asks you for the item you are searching for, such as shipping, packing, installation, dismantling, shipping and leasing. MedWOW. Please fill in the form.• You will receive the seller’s contact details; at the same time, the seller will receive yours.• As your request may be relevant to other sellers or service providers, you may be contacted with alternative quotes for you to choose from. MedWOW sends them your request and contact information so you have a variety of options to choose from. Once you have made your purchase, the item is marked sold.

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