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Hundreds of thousands of Americans use home medical equipment, and countless medical facilities in the USA have thousands and thousands of pieces of professional equipment at their disposal. If you have a professional medical facility or if you have very good health insurance, it is likely that you will keep your equipment as up to date as possible to ensure that the treatment it is providing is a good a possible. But when you buy a new piece of medical equipment, the question will always arises as to what to do with the old pieces of equipment which are no longer needed. Many pieces of old medical equipment are still fully functional when they finish their time with their original owner, and many former users are now beginning to consider that the donation of this equipment is a viable option.There are innumerable amounts of American citizens who do not have enough money to afford proper healthcare and comprehensive medical insurance, let alone the care that high quality equipment is able to bring, but in some cases, the system of means testing has deemed that they are not in a position to receive any form of state assisted medical care either. For these people who fall through the net and are failed by the system, their daily lives without the necessary medical care can be a struggle. A number of charities have been formed across America whose purpose is to try to look out for and support people who fall into these categories. Donating old medical, yet functional equipment and medical supplies to them can help them to provide the support that these people need to survive. Accepting second hand equipment will help these charities to use their funds in other ways to help those who are in the most need.Medical equipment can also be donated to causes which offer medical treatment outside of the county. In the cases of many natural disasters in third world countries, such as the Indian Ocean Tsunami, or the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti, the governments of the countries affected simply do not have enough medical equipment available to provide treatment to all those who have been affected. This means that the death toll from these disasters is a lot higher than it needs to be. In the case of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011, most of the medical facilities in the affected region had been completely destroyed by the disaster. Second-hand equipment which is donated to these places can really mean the difference between life and death for some of the people affected.Even equipment which is no longer in fully working order can be donated to special schemes. These schemes are often able to refurbish old equipment, which may be cheaper than buying new equipment. If a full refurbishment is not possible, useful parts can be salvaged which can help in the refurbishment of other donated equipment, or can be sold by these charities to help to support their other aims.

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