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Eyes are the most attractive and sensitive part of our face; it also defines the personality of a person and along with the different moods of a person.

In order to have eyes that have a clear vision, we need to protect them from surrounding that may affect them, like radiation, dirt, etc.

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Sunglasses may be considered as a fashion symbol. Still, it is not only a fashion symbol, but it acts as a protecting shield against UV radiations as well which can damage your eyes. Sunglasses should not only be worn only for sunny days as it works as a protector for your eye. You should choose the glasses that are thick enough to block the light from above and below.


Most of the people have the habit of reading every day and every time. They don’t focus on time and reading books eventually becomes more of a habit, and later on results in a severe headache. Most of the people believe that the severe pain in the head is due to weakening eyes which is because of the dim light reading. But it’s not, the dim light may only cause headache, but it does not affect your eyesight.


We use tissue paper, for everything but eyes are very sensitive, and they are very important to take care of, so to have your eyes bright, make sure to protect them from dirt but most importantly, do not clean your eyes with tissue paper. It will scratch your eyes as the tissue paper is made up of wood. Try to use silk cloth for cleaning your eyes so that you will not end up with the scratched eyes. As silk has characteristics of smoothness.

Using polarized glasses:

Using polarized glasses is such a great option to be wear, as it will help you to reduce the glare, and make your eyes comfortable. But the drawback is, it will be difficult for you to see the tv LCD, mobile phone screen even ATM.

Spinach your eyes’ best friend:

Our elders often say that carrot will help your eyes sight to better. Still, it’s not true, according to the latest research by Andrea Thau, OD, associate clinical professor at the SUNY College of Optometry, “Despite what generations of parents have told their kids, carrots aren’t the best food for your eyes. That honour goes to, kale, and other dark, leafy veggies.” , spinach is considered to be the best for your eyes, so, use spinach in your daily routine for the better eyesight and make spinach your best friend, so that it will be in your ingredients list on daily purpose.

Not only spinach, but other vegetables are also very important and must be added on your daily diet plan as it makes your blood cells count increase.


Keeping the eye drops in our refrigerator is the only thing we believe is the correct option, but it’s not the best option according to Janice Jurkus OD, as it will make the eye drops stingless.

Remember to read the description on the packaging of eye drops and make sure to follow the instructions correctly so that it will not harm your eyes.


Do not wait for anything bad happen to your eyes, try to have a proper check up yearly, as it’s the only thing that will make you catch the things early, remember, prevention is better than cure. According to Paul Harris, OD, there are some symptoms of blinding eye disease before they have taken your vision. You need to catch the symptoms and immediately consult the eye doctors. Most of the people do not consult the eye doctor, when they get pinkish eyes, and end up having vision loss or light sensitivity.

According to Doctor Robert Sambursky, MD, an ophthalmologist in Sarasota, Florida. “Pinkeye isn’t always benign: most of the patients end up with light sensitivity and even vision loss. But many physicians treat it with antibiotics that won’t help if the cause is a virus. We do a quick test for adenovirus if that’s what you have, we treat it very differently than if your pink eye is bacterial.”

Contact lenses

It is very important to take extra care of your eyes while using contact lenses, there are few tips you need to consider while applying the lens on your eyes, firstly wash your hand while putting the lens as it will start itching if you have any kind of dirt on the hand, also, but the lens off, while going to sleep as it will create chance of infection if you go to sleep with them.


Every organ which is gifted by the god is a blessing for us, and it is very important to look after our body and take extra care of it, in order to have healthy life we need to make sure we focus on our diet and ensure that we must have ingredients that are healthy enough and also look into things that will give benefit to our eyes.

To have a brighter vision, we need to take extra care of the eyes and look up into the things which will give benefit to your eyes. Search for the reliable clinics, and there must be several clinics in your vicinity, consult them and provide details if you find any symptoms related to eye disease.

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