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Menopause is a natural transition in women that can cause uncomfortable symptoms that interrupt your everyday life. Due to the troublesome menopausal symptoms, the treatments to relieve the menopausal symptoms have gained growing significance. Currently, hormone therapy can help ease the symptoms, but synthetic versions might result in undesired side effects. At Vibrant Woman Health Center, Dr. Patricia Nevils provides BioTE technology that offers natural hormone replacement that is ideal for a comfortable menopause transition.  For more information on how you can benefit from BioTE therapy, call or schedule an appointment online.

What is BioTE?

This is a natural or bioidentical hormone replacement procedure. It has pellets that play the alternative role to patches, oral hormones, or creams. The BioTE hormones are plant-derived and duplicate the hormones produced naturally by your body.  Your body absorbs and uses hormones similar to how your body produces them. BioTE therapy serves as a substitute for synthetic hormones that are usually derived from animals.

 What Symptoms Can Be Relieved With BioTE Therapy?

BioTE therapy is beneficial for all women going through menopause, primarily those experiencing symptoms that affect their lives. Symptoms addressed by BioTE therapy include breast soreness, hot flashes, mood swings, night-time sweating, vagina dryness, sleeplessness, depression, and reduced libido. The doctor administers the hormones and guides you on adjusting your lifestyle to ease or fully erase the symptoms of menopause and enhance your quality of life.

Why Should You Opt For BioTE?

One of the crucial aspects of BioTE is that it is plant-derived and entirely natural. This means you won’t get any nasty side effects.  The hormones are also administered as pellets inserted underneath the skin to get a constant release of hormones. This will prevent you from getting the lows and highs related to topical or oral hormone replacement therapy.  BioTE therapy effectively relieves uncomfortable symptoms making you feel relaxed despite undergoing the major life transition of menopause.

What Should Expect During BioTE Therapy Administration?

During BioTE administration, the doctor numbs a small section on your hip and makes a tiny incision.  BioTE is composed of small, rice-sized pellets that the doctor places in the incision. The insertion is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that takes a few minutes. The process does not require any stitches or recovery time.

How Long Will It Take To Notice The Effects Of BioTE?

Most women will start to experience symptom relief in as few as two to four weeks. It might take as long as six months to experience the optimal benefit from your BioTE therapy treatment in some women. The doctor keeps monitoring you after the BioTE administration to ensure you achieve the desired results.  The team also works with you to develop the proper schedule for your follow-up treatments to keep your hormone levels as consistent as possible. The BioTE effects last three to six months to get you through the menopause transition period.

To sum up, don’t struggle with the bothersome and uncomfortable menopause symptoms. BioTE therapy at Vibrant Woman Health Center will help you balance your hormones and feel significantly better during your menopausal transition. To learn more, call or schedule an appointment online today.

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