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Prodovite is a food supplement produced by a Pennsylvania-based company known as Victory Nutrition International, Inc. It claims to be a revolutionary product not only because of its highly beneficial components but how it has been engineered. The article provides answers to some questions you may have and a valuable Prodovite review you may need before deciding to buy this product or not.

What is Prodovite?

It is a liquid nutritional supplement which is made through a unique VMP35 technology representing its composition. This means it contains Vitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients and 35 Macro ingredients that can provide hundreds of other micro-ingredients in the body. All of these are encapsulated within a liposome phospholipid. It uses the latest in nutritional technology to achieve the enhanced delivery of nutrients.

How does encapsulation increase the efficiency of Prodovite

One of the biggest concerns, when we take food or even supplements, is Digestion. This supplement uses a complex delivery system thanks to a new encapsulation technology to overcome this problem. The molecules are transported in phospholipid carrier spheres. Each nutrient is surrounded by these spheres as they go through the digestive system. This improves the bio-availability and ultimately the absorption of nutrients. Due to the way these nutrients are distributed, Prodovite is absorbed faster and a lot more effectively compared to other types of supplements

How is it absorbed into the body?

It is absorbed into the body through a process of synchronized absorption. This process of absorption is quite fast as it begins even before you swallow the supplements. It also contains phytosil and minerals that aid metabolism.

What is the composition of this supplement?

This product contains a unique blend of phytonutrients and botanical extract known for the effects on the immune system and their ability to improve the overall wellbeing of the body. Many of the ingredients that makes up its composition are time-tested. They have been in use for centuries in traditional Persian and Chinese medicines so there is no doubt about their efficacy and health benefits. Some of them include.

VMP35 1:1 Herbal Blend: this is one of the most important components of this supplement. This herbal blend makes up 1.7 grams of the composition of the Prodovite supplement. The VMP35 herbal blend consists of Vitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients and 35 different Macro-processed ingredients that yield over a hundred micronutrients needed for the proper functioning of the body.

Astragalus roots extract: Astragalus is well known for its immune-boosting capabilities. It also acts as a stress-response mediator helping to relieve mental and physical stress.

Fo Tu extract: this is mostly known for its rejuvenation abilities. Fo Tu also contains Lecithin which helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. It can also help slow down the aging process and reduce fat retention in the body.

Green Tea (Leaf) Extract: Green tea is a powerful antioxidant. It is rich in polyphenols which have tremendous anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea also prevents the formation of free radicals in the body thus protecting body cells from aging too fast and various forms of damages. It may also help boost brain functioning

Chamomile Flower Extract: Chamomile helps the body to relax and concentrate. It is one of the most popular ingredients in many teas due to its ability to promote general body well being.

Other important ingredients in this supplement include

  • Hawthorn berry-improves cardiovascular functioning
  • Eleuthero root extract-for energy
  • Gotu Kola- revitalizes the brain cells
  • Ginger root: improves blood circulation

How does it work?

Prodovite mainly works as a catalyst for the process of cleansing the bloodstream. It also acts on the body’s most vital organ promoting their overall health and improves their ability to absorb essential nutrients for increased well-being of the body.

Generally, it boosts the immune system. Also, it helps to fulfill daily mineral and vitamin requirements. Because it is rich in anti-oxidants, this supplement will greatly improve mood and energy and it also acts as a natural biological enhancer for the body reducing stress and promoting faster recovery. Read a detailed review of here

What makes Prodovite different from other supplements?

The main difference here isn’t merely because this product is a liquid supplement, one of its most remarkable features is how fast it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and how efficiently it works. Pill supplements take longer to get absorbed. Since quick absorption is one of the most important reasons why we take supplements in the first place, Prodovite does its job quite effectively.

In addition to being absorbed quickly, this supplement contains a blend of ingredients that is unique and rarely available in any other type of concoction. They are components that have been known and used for millenniums in Persian and Chinese medicines.

Can everyone use this supplement?

While Prodovite offers several health benefits, like most supplements not everyone can use it. Pregnant Women and Lactating mothers are advised not to take this product. Also, children should take it only with adult supervision and entirely based on instructions by a physician. Additionally, those on medications for heart conditions, liver and kidney issues should not use this supplement. If you are taking prescription medications for other conditions be sure to check with your physician before taking this supplement.

How should you use Prodovite?

Even though Prodovite is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, like most supplements, consistency is required to get optimum results. Generally, one capful every morning before your meal is recommended. Take your food in small amounts after taking this supplement as this is required for optimum absorption. It can be taken directly or mixed with about 4 oz. of distilled water. You should also leave it in your mouth for about 30 seconds to allow capillaries under your tongue to absorb some of the supplement.

Where can I buy Prodovite?

Prodovite is sold by special dealers with the company you can find many of them online and most of them offer special discounts when you buy through them.


Hopefully this review proves valuable in helping you make a decision to purchase this supplement. For more about this supplement click here to read more FAQs.

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