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Anti-blemishes wrinkle-free, eye cream or anti-aging – the applications of facial care products are vast. What face creams do I need and how do I use them? What are the benefits? You can read the guide ahead.

Facial creams: the basis of the daily beauty ritual

Day cream:

A day care routine moisturizes the skin and offers optimal protection against external influences such as heat or cold throughout the day. It is important that the cream is suitable for the skin type and is quickly absorbed. Although DNA repair cream is the perfect everyday skincare regime.

For dry skin, for example, it is preferable to use nourishing products with suitable care ingredients. The light cream and gel formulas are perfect for impurities and combination skin.

Use: Apply a small touch of cream to the cleansed skin and massage gently. Then apply sun protection and any makeup.

Night cream:

During our sleep, the skin cells regenerate. As the pores expand during the night, the skin is better able to absorb the nutrients that the night cream contains. The products are generally more nourishing than a day cream.

Use: Simply apply the cream on the cleansed face before going to bed.

Tip: This gesture can be perfectly combined with a relaxing facial massage.

Eye care:

The very sensitive area around the eyes has special requirements that are met by specific eye creams. These creams are very lightweight and take good care of thin skin.

Use: Apply delicately twice a day after cleaning the face and before the day or night care – do not apply the cream by rubbing but by tapping. Start at the corner of the eyes and gently pat the skin outward.

Facial care: optimize your routine

Day, night and eye creams are essential aids in your daily beauty routine. They are part of the basic equipment to always keep the skin supple, beautiful and healthy.

Special protection: Anti-Aging and sun protection

Anti-Aging Cream: From around 20 years, the skin gradually dehydrates. Around the age of 30, the first fine lines can appear. While around 20s, antioxidant products are generally enough, more effective anti-aging creams with Q10 or hyaluronic acid, for example, are recommended to start early 30s.

Use: Apply the day or night cream enriched with Anti-Aging active ingredients in the morning or in the evening as usual on the face.


To protect the skin from UV rays, you must apply a UV filter. In autumn and winter or for short stays outdoors, a day cream with an integrated sun protection factor (SPF) is generally enough. In summer, on the other hand, a sunscreen with a high SPF depending on the skin type is essential.

Use: For the face, it is necessary to count a line of sunscreen from the wrist at the end of the middle finger or about 15 sprays of sun spray. Apply evenly and renew every two hours.

A sunbath? Of course: but with good care

With sunscreen, you protect your skin against sunburn but also against skin aging induced by light. The special facial products have a particularly light formula and are perfectly suited for sensitive skin.

The specials for facial care

Serums: Thanks to their special formula and their fine and fluid consistency, they penetrate faster than a day or night creams and are even more intense. Their highly concentrated formulas contain many nourishing ingredients as well as anti-aging active ingredients that can, for example, plump the skin from the inside. In general, however, the serums are not very lipid-replenishing and therefore do not replace the day or night creams. In addition, they generally do not contain sun protection.

Use: Apply once a day after cleansing and before the day cream and make it penetrate by tapping lightly.

Masks: From time to time, give your skin a break and make a mask once or twice a week. Choose the mask that best suits your skin type.

Use: Apply to cleansed skin, allow penetrating and, depending on the product, rinse, wiping or peeling off. Follow the exact instructions on the packaging.

A beneficial tip for a radiant complexion

Sometimes we can do a little more: masks, serums, and face oils are on a special mission and pamper the skin. A tip for oily skin: a clay face mask that absorbs oil and should be done about once a week.

Why the face deserves special attention

They firm up the skin, protect it, nourish it, mattify it or hydrate it. Another way for instant care is to get cosmetic facials or clinical facials. Facials have countless useful properties. They nourish and minimize the past damage of the skin while also protecting it for future care. After all, such fragile skin must be ready for many daily challenges.

A small difference that matters

The facial skin is thinner and more sensitive than on other parts of the body. It can react in an extremely sensitive way to environmental aggressions. No wonder since it is also one of the areas most exposed to UV rays, fine dust, etc.

There are good reasons, therefore, to protect and take good care of it. But it is not enough to grab the first product. After all, cosmetics must always be tailored to the specific needs of the skin to preserve it and keep it healthy and beautiful.

The mere use of hand cream for the face, for example, is not a good thing to do. Hands have virtually no sebaceous glands, so hand creams often have a very high lipid content, probably too high for comparatively less dry facial skin and may react to a regular application of the cream.

Important: always protect your face from the sun, even in winter. In cloudy weather or during short stays in the open air, for example, during the lunch break, a day cream with an integrated sun protection factor is generally enough.

Compared with women, men usually have thicker skin and sebaceous glands larger who, under the leadership of the male hormone called testosterone, produce about 30% more sebum than women.

The skin of men is therefore generally oily and has larger pores than that of women. It is more prone to acne, blackheads, and impurities. This is one of the reasons why men should use specially designed creams for their daily facials.

The differences between the skin of adults and that of children are even greater: until puberty, the pigmentation of the skin and the immune system are not yet fully developed. Children’s skin is therefore much more sensitive than that of adults.


For youthful glowing skin, it is necessary to nourish it on a regular basis to prevent early aging signs. Moreover, facial creams are not equivalent to moisturizers they are formulated with extra nourishing properties. However, not every cream is suitable for everyone so do not just apply what was best for your friend. Always keep your skin type under consideration, follow a proper skincare regime and stick to it for better results.

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