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Dr. Ariel Soffer, MD, FACC, is a board-certified cardiologist who provides Florida patients with telemedicine in Deerfield Beach, FL. He and his team provide vein consults, cardiovascular evaluations, and primary care through the most recent virtual technologies like FaceTime. The practice makes it possible for you to get treated whenever you need, and wherever you are by utilizing a smartphone or computer.

What is Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the utilization of electronic technologies to offer healthcare assessments outside of the conventional office setting. Your provider leads a one-on-one medical consultation virtually to establish if you require to visit the office for additional care. You can make contact with your provider through various technologies, including:

  • Popular apps like WhatsApp and FaceTime
  • Videoconferencing
  • Phone calls

Telemedicine services make sure you can contact a medical provider without getting out of the house when you are experiencing urgent or new symptoms. Your provider will discuss your issues directly with you and can usually assess your physical symptoms through virtual technology without postponements. Your provider will listen to your concerns and try to diagnose your condition, and provide the most effective solution for you.

If you require additional treatment, the provider will refer you to an in-office visit or lead you to the nearest emergency center.

Why should you consider telemedicine services?

Telemedicine services ensure that you receive the medical care you require without having to wait for long. This is particularly beneficial if you have an existing health condition that makes it challenging for you to go to the office.

Through telemedicine, you can get the best cardiology and primary care services in the comfort of your home. Virtual technology enables you to connect with the team at Soffer Health Institute whenever you need help with new symptoms or if you experience complications from your treatment.

You can consider enrolling in a telemedicine service if you have a chronic health condition that requires frequent medical attention. You can also take advantage of the technology to get your routine primary care services, especially if you have a busy schedule and in-office appointments are inconvenient.

What to Expect During A Telemedicine Appointment

During your pre-arranged appointment time, you will connect with your provider using your technology of choice. The provider takes time to review your current health, medical history, and any other treatments that you are currently undergoing, much as they would do in an in-office appointment.

The provider then discusses your health concerns and symptoms with you. If you are utilizing video technology, the practitioner might be able to assess your physical symptoms, such as open wounds, skin rashes, and enlarged veins. In some instances, the team at Soffer Health Institute can recommend treatment during your virtual appointment. For more severe conditions, you might be required to visit their offices for further care or testing or visit the nearest emergency care center for immediate healthcare attention.

Learn more about the several benefits of telemedicine by requesting an appointment online or calling the Soffer Health Institute today. Kindly note that during the Covid-19 pandemic, most telemedicine appointments are 100% covered by insurance without copays.


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