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One of the things that make us human is having children. Unfortunately, many people are dealing with infertility issues. Being infertile is enough to make anyone develop depression and become desperate. It gets to a point where you get jealous of other people with kids. If this describes your situation, it is time you went to see a specialist for infertility and reproductive medicine in Wayne. Working with your doctor at University Reproductive Associates has the following advantages:

  1.     Your infertility will be accurately identified

It is common for people with infertility to think that treatments like Vitro fertilization or hormones work for everyone. The truth is everyone is different. Your case could be due to failure to ovulate, low sperm count or weak motility, implantation issues, and many others. The only way to get the proper treatment is to identify what exactly caused your infertility. You can only find out through your doctor.

  1.     You get value for your time and money

Menopause is just around the corner. Most of your peers’ children are all grown up. It gets you wondering if your time for getting a child is limited. What is worse is the amount of money you have spent on one treatment to another. As you keep aging, your fertility also decreases. It would be useless having to spend money on treatments that do not work. But if you work with your sexual health doctor, your cause of infertility will be established. Your doctor will also devise a suitable treatment plan for you. You get to save on time and money.

  1.     You have more than one infertility treatment solution at your disposal

Sometimes, doctors perform more than one infertility treatment to increase your chances of having a baby. For example, if donor sperm or eggs hormones do not work, there are many types of IVF solutions at your disposal. Before your treatment, your doctor will assess your fertility history, current lifestyle, psychological health, and financial status. Once they declare you eligible for whatever treatment, you can rest assured that your chances will be higher.

  1.     You have a support system that understands your predicament

It is not enough that you cannot get pregnant. Now you have to deal with people asking endless questions about it. It is not easy navigating the journey on your own. Your gynecologist already understands what you are facing and can be your first support system. The first step you can take when seeing your doctor is to be honest about your sexual history. They are trained to empathize with your situation. The more detailed you are about your case, the better your chances of getting help.

You do not have to walk the journey on your own

If you are of reproductive age and have not yet had a baby despite having unprotected sex for more than 12 months, it is time to see an infertility specialist. Besides conducting an accurate diagnosis, your doctor can recommend the right treatment plan for you. To determine if you are eligible for infertility treatment, schedule a consultation with your doctor today.

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