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Labor and delivery medications are often difficult to manage as the health of mothers and their children must be ensured during such a stressful event. Using marijuana to reduce pain during labor and delivery is seeing some excellent results.

Medical and recreational marijuana has become legalized in the United States and there’s been an increase of marijuana use throughout pregnancy. Around 5% of women were using cannabis throughout their pregnancy between 2002 and 2017. Testimonials suggest that it helped women to relieve labor pains and some of the aches and pains of pregnancy over time.

Many women express concerns about the effects of marijuana on a newborn and more than half of the women that were surveyed were extremely worried about the effects of marijuana use during labor. Marijuana has been used throughout many cultures to assist with labor pain. There is however some evidence that marijuana use throughout pregnancy can have harmful effects on the fetus, especially throughout development. The effects of marijuana use during labor at this time are unknown and it is wise to consult a medical professional before beginning. Marijuana throughout labor could be more beneficial than any other medication that is currently being given to manage pain. As marijuana can assist with inflammation as well as pain, it works like an opioid but without all of the negative side effects that are associated with pharmaceuticals.

With more pregnant women than ever being interested in cannabis for labor pain, it will be interesting to see how doctors implement cannabis and what decisions they make

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