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We live in the world where light drugs such as weed became legal in some countries. At the same time, the expansion of benefits increased in the last few decades, which is why most people today consume weed without any additional issue. However, the main problem is finding a job, because most of them will give you a drug test to become their employee.

That is why you should inform yourself better and to find how to use it efficiently. The bad news is that weed stays in the system longer than any other substance, which is a form of a critique among puritans. You can comfortably remain positive for a whole month, and heavy users will stay positive for at least two months and even longer.

Even though most smokers decide to stay, clean for 30 days before the drug test, that is not a guarantee that you will be negative afterward. THC in weed merges with your fat cells, which is why it stays inside the body for a long time.

To prepare correctly for the drug test, you have to understand the points that we are going to present you:

The Types of Drug Tests:

If you want to pass the drug test, it is crucial to determine the type of the drug test that you will get. This is essential because it will help you pass the test on short notice:

  • Urine Test – Urine testing is one of the most common methods for drug testing on the market. There are two types of urine tests: confirmatory and screening tests. The screening test uses immunoassay to look for drugs. Click here if you want to find more about how long weed stays in the urine.
  • Saliva Test – Saliva testing became widely recognized because it is less invasive than urine testing. However, the disadvantage is a limitation that will ensure the accurate results. According to few sources, the saliva testing have the possibility to give you results in case that you have used it a few hours beforehand. You can click here to find more information about it.
  • Blood Test – Blood testing is most expensive and most accurate drug testing method. It will detect, in real time, the presence of all metabolites and substances in the blood. However, most companies don’t use it because of invasive nature and its cost. The problem with weed is that it stays in the blood for more than two months, which is problematic for heavy users.
  • Hair Test – Hair testing is a great way to test the drugs because hair filters keep the drug metabolites inside. It involves cutting between 50 and 120 strains from the back of the head, least 1.5-inches of hair is necessary for efficient results. However, if you don’t have enough hair on your head, the testing can use the hair from arm, chest and even weird for the examination.
  • Perspiration testing – This is the latest drug testing method that features sweat patch on your skin for two weeks. The patch will detect the presence of drugs that you excreted through perspiration. It is most commonly used to monitor people on probation and in child custody cases.

Types of Drugs for Testing

  • THC – Weed, marijuana, hashish and any form of cannabis
  • Amphetamines – Crack, speed, and meth
  • Cocaine – Crack and coke
  • Opiates – Opium, heroin, morphine, codeine
  • Phencyclidine – Angel dust, PCP


It is essential to understand which test you will take so that you can prepare yourself correctly. When it comes to different drugs in the system, the most common testing is for marijuana because it stays too long in the organism.

However, if you have frequent drug testing at work, you should find a way to avoid using it, because it is difficult to get it out of the system. It is simple as that.



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