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Infertility is a sensitive matter that affects many families negatively. Both men and women can be the cause of infertility. It usually occurs due to a disorder or disease on your reproductive system that prevents pregnancy from occurring. Some of the disorders include fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome, reproductive hormones imbalance, and low sperm quality. However, there is hope, for there are effective treatments that help you to conceive and enjoy the privilege of being a parent. OC Fertility specializes in providing personalized and comprehensive fertility treatments. The Newport Beach gestational surrogacy specialists use the latest and advanced techniques to help families grow and fulfill their dreams. To learn more about their services, call or book online to schedule your appointment.

OC Fertility consists of a highly skilled and board-certified team of fertility specialists that commits to addressing all your infertility problems through the state of the art procedures. They offer various services, including in vitro fertilization, gestational surrogacy, preimplantation genetic screening, and diagnosis. Visit them today to improve your chances of getting pregnant and promote your life quality.

What is gestational surrogacy?

It involves the process where a woman carries and delivers a baby on behalf of another person. A fertility specialist performs in vitro fertilization to form an embryo then transfers it to the gestational carrier’s uterus.

How does your doctor create the embryo for gestational surrogacy?

At OC Fertility, the doctors use in vitro fertilization to form an embryo using the egg and sperm of the intended parents or the donor.

Your provider then transfers the created embryos to the gestational carrier through the same procedure used for IVF patients.

Are you a good candidate for gestational surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy aims at helping people incapable of having a child. Gestational surrogacy might be fit for patients with cases such as:

  •       The prospective mother has no uterus
  •       There is a presence of a condition that makes your pregnancy risky
  •       The mother does not want to conceive
  •       Presence of uterine issues that leads to recurrent miscarriage

How do you choose a surrogate?

You may have a family or friend as your surrogate, where the team at OC Fertility evaluates their potential to check if they are the suitable candidates. The team also helps you understand the medical, legal, and financial aspects necessary in a gestational surrogacy case.

OC Fertility also has connections with certified surrogate agencies where they help you find a gestational surrogate.

The surrogate first undergoes a complete medical exam to review her health history and hormonal and infectious disease testing. It is also advisable for a gestational surrogate to meet with a mental health professional to understand the psychological issues during the process.

Fertility issues are common among many partners and affect their lives, families, and society. OC Fertility specializes in providing effective infertility treatments, including diagnosis and prevention, to better and promote lives. Gestational surrogacy is one among their procedures that help bring hope to couples. It involves someone carrying a pregnancy and delivering for another individual. The process occurs through in vitro fertilization of the intended parent’s egg and sperm, then transferring it to the pregnancy carrier. If you wish to have a child and cannot get pregnant, you might consider gestational surrogacy at OC Fertility. Call or book your appointment online.

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