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Being in charge of your fertility is the best thing ever. You get to choose the size of your family to have. Often, this enables a couple to raise the number of kids it can comfortably support. Sometimes, the trick is in knowing the proper family planning methods. Making consultations with a gynecologist can be a brilliant idea in understanding which options can work for you. In McDonough city, there are centers offering help to couples thinking of family planning. Book a visit with a specialist in birth control in McDonough. Consultations make it clear about the different methods available. This blog focuses on these birth control methods.

Birth Control Shot

This method involves a depo-shot which is an injection whose effect takes place within three months. It implies that during this period, a woman is unlikely to conceive after unprotected sexual intercourse. This procedure is safe and effective for many. To enjoy its benefit, you need to have consistency in taking the shots within the correct interval. Any delays could increase the chances of pregnancy. This birth control shot works by stopping ovulation as it contains progestin.

Birth Control Pills

This method is hormone-based, similar to the depo shot. However, oral contraceptives are more flexible since they do not limit you to a specific time frame. You could stop them immediately when you decide to get pregnant. The pills come as a pack, and one needs to take each tablet a day. For there to be proper protection, a woman ought to not skip a single day. The method prevents fertilization by blocking the sperm from reaching the ovum.

It thickens the mucus at the cervix hence preventing the sperms from swimming into the uterus. These pills come with additional benefits to the body, such as reducing the migraines associated with the menstrual cycle. Secondly, it eliminates ovulation pains. For ovarian cysts, the pills keep you safer from getting them. If you have always wanted to fight acne symptoms, then contraceptives have some benefits.

Use of IUD

IUD (Intrauterine Device) is a contraceptive with a more long-lasting effect. In this method, the IUD is put inside the uterus to curb pregnancy. There are generally different types of IUDs in the family planning field. Some are hormonal such as the ones with progesterone and others has mechanism prevents the thickening of the uterine wall. This is why it becomes rare to menstruate while under this method.

After the insertion, the prevention of pregnancy can go for three years and sometimes even beyond. Typically, these tiny devices come in different sizes and with varying amounts of progesterone. The other types are copper IUDs, and the insertion is similar to the hormonal IUDs. They usually destroy the sperm, hence making them not reach the egg. What is unique is that they can last for ten years since the insertion.

Being in control of your fertility is significant. A couple can easily decide on the size of the family it wants, all with the help of birth control methods. There is, however, a long list of family planning methods that couples can exploit. To know what suits you well, it is significant to pay a visit to a gynecologist. The suitable method is the one that protects you well from pregnancy.

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