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Daily skin care is vital to have healthy and glowing skin. As we all know that the skin is the largest organ of our body which protect us from several elements and microbes, it also helps to regulate our body temperature and permit the sensation of touch, heat, and cold.

Daily skincare routine requires your special attention. Diet, favourable environment, the right selection of skincare products, exercise/yoga, balanced lifestyle, and proper sleep are some of the main elements that work together to keep skin healthy. This page is focusing on the 5 beneficial active ingredients in your everyday skincare that you need to keep your skin healthy but before jumping into that, let’s find out some best methods of skincare.

Best Methods of Skincare

Taking care of skin is not rocket science; our skin only requires a handful of simple and inexpensive routine. People often look for skin regimens to treat their skin issues, but at the same time, they forget to follow their basic steps those may are sufficient if they incorporate them in their daily routine.

The first and the foremost best method of a skincare routine is cleanliness, not only of your body but your surroundings too. The 2nd method of skincare is inner happiness, and the 3rd one is a 360° skincare approach. Following these three methods are essential to look beautiful.

To some extent, if you feel that your skin is too rough or spoiled for some reasons than consulting a professional would be wise in your case.

Keys to Achieve Well-Being

Find here the beneficial keys that everyone may need for his/her well-being

  1. Positive Lifestyle – A happy and balanced lifestyle begin our everyday’ s journey to live a life. One should never neglect the path to stay in positive lifestyle that adds enthuse in us to be strong and beautiful. Connecting with people to fill joy in your life, putting efforts to making a relationship better with your loved ones is the first step to stay happy. Timely chatting, talking, and meeting with friends and family fulfils our lives with aims, desires, and interest.
  2. Healthy Habits – This point includes a long list, i.e. regular exercise, yoga/meditation, drinking enough water, intake of important nutrients, proteins, and carbs. Apart from eating healthy, eating on time is especially important. People often eat healthily, but they do not follow a time technique for the intake of good food. For a good life, timely intake of good food is vital.
  3. 3. Limit Bad Habits – We know that leaving bad habits is not easy, therefore we wrote the word “limit bad habits”. This point too includes a long list as people go hand in hand when we talk about good vs bad habits in them. Access smoke, drinking alcohol, late-night work, inadequate sleep, intake of junk food, mismanagement of time, etc. usually falls the in bad habit list. If you find yourself hanging between any of these habits, then this is a need of an hour when you require to pay attention to change these habits to avoid further health or life consequences.
  4. Selection of Right Things – Quick decisions usually put us in big trouble. Do some research or study on things you intend to buy. To avoid wealth consequences, one should spend wisely and value money.

Directly or indirectly, the above-given points correlate with us to keep our skin healthy. Now, let us put a light on 5 beneficial active ingredients in your everyday skincare.

  1. Cleanser – Choose the right cleanser that suits your skin type to cleanse it. Never go for harsh or strong chemical-based products; these products harm more than good. Pick a light-weight skin cleanser to clean your skin. Daily skin cleansing is essential to remove dirt and pollutants from the skin surface area. Use a cotton ball to apply cleanser on your skin (from forehead to front and back neck) evenly. Try doing this exercise before going to bed. If you have oily skin, then wash your face with normal water after cleaning your skin.
  2. Water Intake – Sufficient water intake for skin and body is essential. People usually drink water only when they feel thirsty, but as per studies, one should drink 1 glass of water every hour, of course apart from 8 hours of sleep. You can make flavoured water if you are hesitant in taking plain water. Water maintains the hydration level of our skin to keep it healthy.
  3. Best Vitamins – Best vitamins for skin are Vitamin C, D, E, and K. Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins that everyone should add in his/her diet. Vitamin C not only helps in keeping skin healthy and glowing, but it also prevents you from virus and infection by boosting your immunity. It is water-soluble and found in many fruits and vegetables. The recommended intake of vitamin C is 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women daily.
  4. Medicinal Cosmetics – The medicinal based cosmetics do wonder if applied correctly, i.e. Tretinoin. It is one of the well-known medicinal cosmetic product that is used by millions of people from across the globe to treat their several skin issues. Tretinoin formulation comes in various brands and generic name, both works the same way due to its similar property (i.e. Tretinoin). Retin A gel is a popular name that people mostly preferred to buy. Retin A gel topical formulation could be the best ingredient in your everyday skincare.
  5. Sun Protection – The UVB rays spoil our skin badly and leaving us with dark skin spots and patches. You should be careful before stepping out from your house and make sure to apply SPF/ sun protection sunscreen to protect your skin from strong UVB rays. SPF 15 or 30 should be applied to avoid several skin issues.

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