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Gone are the days when taking a good shower and applying a cream could be considered as the only skincare routine needed. These days, you have to find the right skincare routine. Finding a daily skincare routine that works for you can look as if it is an endless beauty mission. But there are benefits to sticking to a skincare routine. Keep reading to find out.

Benefits of skincare routine

  • It slows down ageing

You can have a smooth supple skin by following a daily skincare routine. As you grow older, your skin can lose its elasticity and glow. Having a skincare routine will slow down your aging process.

  • It boosts your confidence

Having a skincare regimen leads to clearer skin which is absolutely free from dark circles, skin tag, rashes and acne. This will definitely boost your self-confidence.

  • It improves the overall skin health

The skin is the heaviest and largest organ of the body. It provides so many functions. One of the functions is that it protects from both heat and cold. It also protects from microbes and toxic substances. So, it is important to take good care of your skin for improved skin health.

Best daily skincare routine steps to follow at home

Here is the step-by-step natural skincare routine you should follow to get dazzling skin you have always wanted.

Step 1: Cleanse your skin

The first thing to do is to clean your face with lukewarm water before applying a lotion on your face. Cleansing helps to get rid of sweat, oil, dirt and other pollutants that your skin naturally collects throughout the day and night. Cleanse in the morning and in the evening, to keep your pores clear and your face fresh.

Step 2: Moisturize your skin

The next step is to apply a moisturizer. You should moisturize twice a day i.e., in the morning and at night. Moisturizing during the day keeps your skin hydrated and well protected against the environmental effects it might encounter during the day. Furthermore, it is also important to get a day moisturizer that contains a sun protector factor (SPF). This will shield your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. At night, it is important to moisturize as the skin hydration drops. Ensure to use moisturizer the right way in order to get good results. Use a moisturizer after taking a shower. This is because your skin is moist then and it can easily absorb the moisturizer.

Step 3: Exfoliate your skin

The next step is to exfoliate your skin. This is an important part of your healthy skin routine and you should do this 2-3 times a week. Regular exfoliation allows your skincare products to penetrate into your skin. Another advantage of exfoliating is that it prevents wrinkles. It also keeps blemishes and spots away.

Step 4: Put on sunscreen

This is a must for your daily skin regimen. Sunscreen is a gel, lotion or spray that absorbs some of the ultraviolet radiation. It protects or prevents the skin from a skin burn. Use your sunscreen lotion every two hours.

If you have sensitive skin, you should visit the nearest skin clinic and consult a skin doctor before applying any product on your skin. He or she can evaluate your case history and identify your skin condition. Accordingly, a customized homeopathy treatment plan can be proposed. You need not worry at all as homeopathy comes with absolutely no side-effects!


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