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Many people are now opting for a more permanent lip enhancement option to make lips look bigger without undergoing routine filler injections. The popular Lip Lift procedure can raise the Cupid’s Bow and boost the volume of the pink upper lip.

According to Dr. Harikiran, one of the best plastic surgeons in Hyderabad, a lip lift permanently shortens the space between the upper lip and the nose, allowing more of the upper lip’s pink portion to show, making lips appear more young and voluminous.

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Are Lip Lifts a new trend?

While the surgery’s skills have improved over time, Dr. Harikiran claims that decreasing the space between the lips and the nose for cosmetic reasons is nothing new. “The first time anything about Lip Lifts was published was in 1986, but this has been around for almost 30 years.” They described approaches that surgeons had been utilizing for more than a decade by the time it was published.

We began to witness some of those shifts in the early 1990s when new fillers were introduced and the paradigm shifted. We’ve progressed to the point where there are no visible scars, and we may use more advanced procedures. He continues, “We’ve also learned more about who the best individual for the procedure is.”

What causes the contour of our lips to vary over time?

It’s not all in your head if you’ve seen changes in your lips as you’ve gotten older. “What’s occurring is that time moves on, and as you get older, you lose some collagen and elastin, which causes your lips to drift further from your nose.” “Adding filler to the lips causes them to drop even more,” says Dr. Harikiran, Hyderabad’s leading plastic surgeon.

Dr. Harikiran suggests looking back at photos of yourself when you were younger to spot age changes in the lips. “You’ll notice that when you smile or laugh, all you see are teeth,” he explains. “The greater tooth display that is an indication of youthfulness, not the pout, is what we associate with youthfulness.”

What kind of people are suitable candidates for a lip lift?

If you want to know if you’re a good candidate for a Lip Lift, start by asking who isn’t a good candidate. “This may not be a good surgery for persons who have extended faces or an oval shape,” the surgeon warns. “A Lip Lift will merely make their faces look longer if they already have a lot of tooth show.”

Is it possible to fill up a thin upper lip with a Lip Lift?

According to the expert, a Lip Lift will not provide you with the enhanced volume you desire if you have a thin upper lip. “This method focuses on shape rather than volume. It fools your brain into believing there’s more volume because all you’re doing is turning up the surface area, but you’re not actually plumping it or putting anything there. You can’t expect to double your lip when you flip it if it’s thin. If you need to add volume to your face, fat grafting or filler can help.”

Is there a scar after a Lip Lift?

Any time an incision is made, there is a danger of noticeable scarring. Still, Dr. Harikiran, the top plastic surgeon in Hyderabad, points out that scarring may be reduced in the hands of a trained surgeon, and his goal is for a seamless finish. “From my perspective, I consider every single variable that I have control over. That means everything we do during surgery, from the equipment we use to the settings for the instruments we use, to the drugs we give patients before and after surgery, is oriented toward minimizing those variables.”

How long does it take to get a Lip Lift?

While a Lip Lift is a legitimate surgical treatment, it may be completed in under an hour with little to no downtime. Dr. Harikiran explains, “It takes me around 45 minutes to an hour.” “You know, just because your flight is 45 minutes doesn’t imply your entire vacation is 45 minutes,” I usually remind them. It’s similar to a trip to the airport. You’ll spend roughly two hours in my office. Healing takes approximately 10 days for most of my patients. You’ll be a little rosy, but with a bit of makeup, you can hide it.”

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