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Oral surgery is a procedure requiring high expertise, and not just anyone performs it. This is because your provider should also ensure that your recovery is smooth and offer you some helpful tips to apply. Dr. Jochen P Pechak of Perio & Implant Center is one of the best Monterey, CA oral surgery providers who works hard to ensure that you recover smoothly after this procedure. Therefore, you can contact such providers for advice on what to do after you have been through oral surgery. However, several things can help you with your recovery.

Go Easy on Yourself

After your surgery procedure, the first thing you need to do is to be easy on yourself. Despite you wanting to get back to your quality life, you need to plan some time to rest. So, don’t be in a hurry to hit the road driving or do something else that requires concentration. It would be fine if you also avoided anything strenuous because such activities can dislodge the blood clots and cause bleeding, delaying your recovery. Same with bending and lifting heavy objects. It would also help to use some extra pillows as you sleep to keep your head elevated.

Follow Your Instructions to Detail

Your provider will probably send you home with a list of special instructions to help you recover from your surgery. Please ensure that you read the instructions meticulously and be committed to them strictly. They are the experts, and they know better. So, if your provider has instructed you not to brush your teeth for a certain period or rinse with saltwater, it would be better if you did precisely that.

Use Some Ice

You can expect some effects after the oral surgery such as swelling or bruising. When that happens within the first 24 hours, you can apply some ice to ease the symptoms. However, it would help if you did it right by placing the ice on the jaw for 30 minutes at an interval of 15 minutes. If you had surgery involving both sides, you could apply the ice on each side for 15 minutes switching from side to side. You should experience some relief after two to three weeks. However, if your condition worsens and you experience a fever or notice some pus, it could be infected, and you should contact your provider as soon as possible.

Guard the Clot and Watch What You Eat

The last thing you want after your surgical procedure is to disturb the blood clot. It is trying to heal the wound in your mouth and what you can do is take care as much as possible. Some foods are a threat to the clot and should be avoided. They include alcoholic or carbonated beverages. Also, you should not smoke for several days after the procedure. It would also be best if you stayed away from foods that are too hot, spicy, chewy, tough, or cold.

Keep Watch

After you leave your provider’s office, most of the responsibility is in your hands. Therefore, you have to keep your eyes out and watch for any changes in your oral health such as swelling, fever, or infection. If you experience any, please call your doctor immediately. Besides, if you are experiencing difficulties while breathing or swallowing, it would be good to let your provider know.

Dr. Pechak and the Perio & Implant Center team can help you through your recovery journey after oral surgery. You can contact them and learn more.

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