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Speech is the lifeblood of humans. Children and adults face several practical problems when we cannot express our thoughts and feelings in our daily life. According to the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), almost five percent of children—by the first grade—have an observable speech disorder. If you notice that your child is suffering from speech delays or other symptoms like difficulty in being understood, finding hard to follow instructions, or difficulty in swallowing, speech therapy is essential. Speech therapists are qualified professionals who can train your kids to improve or restore compromised functions. However, these professionals also provide their services in the comfort of your home.  Besides making for a convenient way of getting therapy, opting for in-home speech therapy comes with multiple benefits.

5 Benefits of In-home Speech Therapy

Read to understand how scheduling in-home speech therapy services can benefit you and your children.

Provides a Familiar Environment for Kids

Your home is where your child will be the most comfortable. It is a safe space where they are surrounded by their parents that puts them at ease. Such a familiar environment will make them feel confident. The therapy sessions can be more productive and positive than they are outside their homes; they will be more open to trying new things and activities that will improve their speech. On the other hand, your child may not respond well to speech intervention at an unfamiliar place.

Involves Family Members

Scheduling in-home speech therapy services means that there is an opportunity for family members to get involved in the therapy. It develops more understanding among the family members and even extended family members on how to help a child when it needs help. The in-home speech therapist can guide the caregiver of the child and the family members with useful techniques that they can apply.  After all, family members spend more time with the kids than the in-home speech therapist. Continuing the techniques and activities even when the therapist is not present can significantly improve the child’s condition. Such involvement can go a long way in helping the child to perform the activities that they want to do.

Personalization through Familiar Objects

In-home speech therapists can take advantage of the familiarity of the setting and use everyday objects, like toys, to expand the child’s vocabulary and use of language. Children are very much used to routines and familiar objects. If a child that experiences difficulty in swallowing is treated in an outpatient setting, the size of the spoon used during the session may not necessarily be of the size the child is used to. Instead, during in-home speech therapy, the child can be taught with the utensil that they use every day. Even objects like family pictures or albums act as powerful stimuli in language therapies.

Increases Vocabulary with Routines

Let’s compare two settings. At a speech clinic, your child is taught with a bunch of cards and sheets. They will be learning words that might not be particularly useful in everyday life. Instead, at home, they will be taught how to tackle their everyday routine. From asking for more food at the dining table to practicing routines like brushing their teeth, home speech therapists can reinforce several therapy techniques. Besides, in-home speech therapy allows for flexibility that clinics do not provide. The therapist can focus on areas where the child faces difficulty instead of stringently adhering to tests.

Saves the Commute

Traveling to a speech therapist a few times every month can put undue stress on both the children and the parents. Children can get easily tired and may not be at their best during the therapy session. Similarly, parents may be overwhelmed with a lot of tasks that driving to the session will get tiring in the long run, not to mention the extra money spent on gas. On the other hand, if your child gets speech therapy from home, both you and your children can focus only on the session and get the most of it.

In-home speech therapy can improve the overall experience and outcome of the therapy. With all the benefits they provide, it is easy to see why so many people choose to have in-home speech therapy services. When you think getting speech therapy from home is the best way to go about it, considering your child’s well-being, you should start looking for a certified home speech therapist who can come to your house and provide engaging and productive therapy sessions. You should find companies that offer therapeutic services in your nearby areas. This way, a home speech therapist can come to your house as often as required.

Author Bio: Infinite Therapy Solutions, located in New Jersey, offers in-home speech and language therapy services for children. We have a team of highly skilled and board-certified therapists who also provide behavioral, physical, and occupational therapy services for children, at your home or in our facility.

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