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As you know that we are aided with some gonadal hormones in our body.

These hormones differ with gender in accordance with the different functions in males and females.

In some cases due to some diseases or due to age, the level of testosterone falls. For better body functions men undergo hormone therapy to maintain testosterone levels.

In men, the gonadal hormone is Testosterone. Hence the hormone therapy for men is also called Testosterone therapy.

How It’s Performed

Hormone therapy is performed to restore and maintain a normal balance of testosterone in the human body.

There are many methods to administer testosterone levels in the body.

The most popular ones are:

  • Through Injections
  • It is a non-surgical method.
  • It is a much safer method.
  • The daily dosage is much easier to control in the case of injections.
  • The injection may be adjusted intramuscularly or under the skin.
  • Through Pellets
  • It is a surgical procedure.
  • The pellets containing the hormones are placed in the body preferably in the hip area. These pellets slowly release hormones into the body.
  • It is a long-lasting procedure.
  • One pellet has an area of 3 by 9mm.
  • Through Pills
  • It is a kind of oral medication.
  • Testosterone-containing capsules are given to patients for maintaining a normal level.
  • Through Gels
  • Testosterone is applied to the body in gel form at least once a day, for example, Androgel, Testim, Axiron, Natesto, etc.
  • Testosterone gets directly absorbed in the body through the skin.
  • Through Skin Patches
  • A patch containing testosterone is applied to the skin (arms, back, thighs).
  • The testosterone moves through the skin and into the body utilizing a transdermal pathway.

Benefits and Uses

Hormone therapy for men has its benefits related to the use of testosterone in the body.

Hormone therapy helps in,

  • maintaining the balance of testosterone in the human body
  • Increasing libido
  • Bone strength
  • Better expression of secondary sexual traits
  • Human Mood
  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Anti-aging techniques
  • Increase the muscle mass

Risks And Side Effects

  • Body becomes swelled.
  • Higher risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Increases the risk of prostate cancer
  • Acne
  • Frequent urination
  • Excessive expression of secondary sexual characters like more pubic hair
  • Liver problems

Moreover, ads have created a misconception that hormone therapy will increase their athletic performance. The Scientific study does not agree with it.

It is not an antiaging technique as claimed by clinics. In fact, the therapy has a much lesser and negligible effect on healthy people.

A Medical Advice To People Going For Hormone Therapy 

Hormone therapy is not advised if you don’t have a low T disorder. It is a cure for a disease rather than a supplement.

If you have a medical history you should definitely tell your doctor. Patients with serious heart, liver, and kidney disorders should consult a doctor before the treatment.

If you have no medical disorder and the testosterone level is decreasing due to aging, the doctor may suggest natural and safer ways to boost testosterone production through exercise and a good diet.

Source: Bubolo Medical

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