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Everyone gains body weight for various reasons. Your doctor’s first recommendation to shed off the excess fat will be a proper diet and physical exercises. However, diet and exercise may not eliminate the extra fat in specific areas. Therefore, to remove the resistant fat, your doctor could recommend body sculpting. The treatment is ideal when you cannot stand surgery or a minimally invasive procedure to reach your desired shape. Your Wildwood, FL medical spa expert, Dr. Nwaubani, and her team use modern technological advances to reduce fat pockets and contour their patients’ physiques quickly.

What does your doctor mean by body sculpting?

Do you have stubborn fat that refuses to shed no matter your lifestyle changes? Then it is time to try body sculpting. The treatment is an incredible option your doctor will use to help you flaunt a youthful figure. The non-invasive process uses various techniques to eliminate your fat cells to ensure your body never creates fat in your treatment areas.

Body sculpting could include freezing, heating, or chemically removing your fat cells. However, laser sculpting is the most common. During the procedure, your doctor uses the first laser to heat your fat cells and a second one to cool your skin. After heating, the dead fat cells exit from your system naturally.   

The treatment has various benefits including:

No lifestyle changes. Your doctor will not advise you to alter your lifestyle to have optimal results. For instance, if you were a coffee lover before the treatment, the specialist will not suggest quitting or minimizing your intake. Since the procedure is quick, it is ideal for those with a busy lifestyle and who have a preference for no incisions and anesthesia.

No infection risks. Unlike treatments like liposuction, which will force your doctor to insert cannulas beneath your skin, body sculpting uses laser energy. Thus, you will not experience swelling or blood loss.

Fast and convenient. Body sculpting will take your doctor approximately half an hour on a single treatment area. Additionally, you might only need two sessions to achieve optimal results. Once your doctor eliminates your fat pockets, your body will not create or deposit fats in the same area. 

How will you know you are a good candidate for body sculpting?

A non-surgical fat elimination treatment is not your substitute for a weight loss program. While a weight loss plan entails regular exercises and a healthy diet, a body sculpting treatment will only work on the stubborn fat in specific areas. You will know the treatment is for you when:

  • You observe your diet and exercise regularly but still have fat on your back, thighs, or midsection
  • You find minimally invasive procedures extreme
  • You have realistic expectations, a positive attitude, and are in good health

Body sculpting is not your perfect weight loss alternative. However, if diet and exercise have helped you achieve a significant percentage in your journey towards improving your physical appearance, you could discuss the treatment with your doctor to bridge the smaller percentage to your dream shape. For a personalized consultation on body sculpting, contact your NUWA WORLD experts today.

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