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Surrogacy has recently become a raging trend in the Social circles across the globe. While the main reason behind the same can be stated as a big upsurge in the infertility related issues, there’s also a different aspect towards it where either the Women doesn’t want to carry all that pain of carrying a child or both the parents are of the same Sex.

When a women doesn’t want to carry the pain of motherhood

While being a mother is a lifelong dream for any women on this planet, there are still those which don’t want to bear that pain in the process. These women often belongs to the Celebrity category or some big name in the corporate world and due to their hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, cannot afford to take an off for 9 long months from their daily routines. Surrogacy comes as a tailor made option for all such women and provide them with an option of being called a mother, without feeling any pain in the process. Here the Intended mother don’t need to do anything and the birth of the child gets possible by getting the surrogate mother on board and inseminated her with the Intended father’s Semen.

Same Sex Parenting

Homosexuality isn’t a new thing to this world now and it’s visible across every part of the planet in the current context. Even though the couples stay Homosexual, their desire to have a child doesn’t vanish and this is where having a baby through Surrogacy is the best option available to them. During this process, the Surrogate mother gets Inseminated with the semen of one of the Intended parents (In case of Men) and she then carries the child for the next nine months till its birth. Here, the Surrogate will be the Biological mother of the child while the couples will be the Intended parents.

Moreover, when it comes to the same sex parenting in case of Women, the couples have two options. Firstly either one of the women can decide to give birth to the baby by getting a surrogate male’s semen to be inseminated into her Uterus, or they can get the whole process done with the help of a surrogate father and Surrogate mother altogether.

Costs Involved

It really matters whether the Surrogacy arrangement has been made between the Intended parents directly with the Surrogate or if there’s an agency involved in between. In both the cases, the Intended parents need to take care of all the costs and expenses incurred surrogate mother for the next nine months period. Even if there’s an agency involved within the process, the Intended parents need to bear the expenses paid to the Surrogate mother along with the commission charged by the Agency.

Though it’s all up to the choice of the Intended parents to go for either of the available options, it’s always advisable to put a legal contract and agreements on board to avoid any future issues coming out within the involved parties.